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Friday, May 27, 2005

all WVO 15L batch

used a new decanter tool, made from a rieke spout cap glued into a PVC slip-on cap with black RTV silicone, but the glue melted in the end. design is good, just need better methanol resistant glue.

used solar/golf-cart batteries to power pumps, worked brilliantly. next need to try using 12v heater as well.

need to modify distiller stand so it will hold the methoxide carboy properly to get all the methoxide out. cut a slot into the end, add variable wedge support to tip up carboy.

1. measure 15L (pre-measured) WVO into processor, heat to 130F
2. decant 3.3L methanol into carboy
3. measure 85g NaOH into 100mL glass beaker
4. add NaOH to methanol, bit by bit, swirling carboy in between
5. continue to mix methoxide while waiting for heat to reach 130F
6. heat passes 130F, but methoxide not well mixed enough, continue to mix, turn off heat
7. turn on pump, make sure oil is uniform temp
8. add methoxide by evacuating processor and pumping air into methoxide bottle
9. somewhat manual process, need to hold carboy sometimes and pump vacuum handle sometimes.. would be nice to automate
10. once methoxide bottle is empty, close valve
11. allow to mix for 10 minutes
12. turn off for 10 minutes
13. mix for 8 minutes
14. off for 8 minutes
15. mix for 8 minutes
16. decant into glass carboy, leave to settle

will check progress in the morning.


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