Homebrew Biodiesel

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

first 15 L batch settling

last night, measured out 15 L of soybean oil into the processor, then let it sit overnight to check for leaks. there is a very slow leak, but it should be remedied by some teflon tape and an extra 1/4 turn (all fittings were made hand tight). today, measured 3.3 L methanol and added 75 g lye in a 10 L carboy, put the lids on and swished it around. at the same time, oil was heating up to 125 F. once methoxide was completely mixed (i.e. no more little chunks in the carboy), plumbed it to the processor and opened the valves, but it doesn't flow in easily. will need some sort of system to evacuate processor and push methoxide in. also, need plugs for all flanges and some easier method for decanting.


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