Homebrew Biodiesel

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Getting it Together

last friday, picked up 5gal methanol from ERC in san leandro. also found a bottle of Red Devil lye in OSH, and 2x35 lb of soybean oil (little less than 9 gallons) at costco.

on order:
o phenolphthalein pH indicator
o steel 5 gal pail with lever lock lid
o "drug dealer" scale (accurate to 10th of gram up to 500 gram)
o hot plate
o 12" turkey fry dial thermometer
o 10 L HDPE carboy (x 3)
o 1 L HDPE bottles (graduated, x 2)
o 100 mL beakers (x 12)
o 50 mL graduated cylinder
o stirring rods
o 20 cc syringe (x 10)
o goggles, aprons, gloves (x 3)

still need:
o isopropyl alcohol (at least 70%)


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